About Omega

Josh me pumpkins birdhatThe Omega House is an intentional community with a long history. Our home is just south of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the Whittier neighborhood. In addition, we also have a large, beautiful plot of land and a small house in Wisconsin which we call “the farm“. We consider ourselves progressive, diverse, a bit artsy, ecologically-minded and open to people of all genders, sexual orientations, races and shoe sizes. We’re on the liberal-minded end of the scale, non-smokers and we think living with people in intentional community is smart and fun. We’re not a party co-op, an exclusively student co-op, an exclusively artist co-op, or a hostel for folks passing through. We’re something in between. In fact, we’re pretty unique. We prefer housemates over 25 years old who intend to live with us for at least a year (but preferably longer), who have co-op experience, who are familiar with cooperative living or who can demonstrate genuine interest in this way of living, who are financially stable and who have something unique to offer to our community.

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